Of course, we’ve all heard it. Life is a Journey. But do you often look at your journey and see it bogged down by to-do lists, obligations, and clutter? I know I do. I knew if I looked back on my life, there would be many happy snapshots, but I wouldn’t be overly impressed with where my precious time went. So I created a new mantra. Simplify Life – Make Memories

This blog is comprised of 5 main categories:


While some things in modern life can’t be avoided, I want to remove what I can and simplify what I can’t. If there is an effective and unique way to simplify belongings, routines, and obligations, I want to find it. 

Personal Development

Whether it’s a personal development book, a new habit, a hack, or a 30-day challenge, I love it all. I want to be the best version of myself to get the most out of life, and you get to be along for the ride.

Community Building

We are a military family and often need to grow new roots every time we move or when those around us move away. Through this process, I have experimented with different ways to build community and bring the community around me joy. Another reality we all face is that, as a society, we are becoming increasingly isolated. This blog will help you find ways to reach out to those around you.


I love any reason to celebrate. I love parties, traditions, and holidays big and small (Pi day, anyone?) I like to find ways to make days that may otherwise be an average day memorable. 


What is life without adventures? Is an adventure ziplining down a waterfall in Costa Rica? Yes! Is it also going through a car wash with a three-year-old? Yes! I love finding ways to add big and small adventures into our lives. So many people hold the word adventure on a pedestal, but there is no reason we can’t make adventures happen in our yard, on our street, or in our town.

About Rebecca

 Rebecca grew up in Vermont, a very cold but very beautiful state. She joined the Navy after high school, where she met her husband. She has two insanely adorable adopted sons and three passions in life; her family, remodeling homes, and everything she gets to write about in this blog. (okay, that might be more than three but just go with it)